Construction Types

Post Frame

An economical option which uses multi-ply laminated wood columns which transfers the building load to the ground where the columns are embedded in the ground with crushed rock or set on a concrete footing pad. The bottom part of the column which is in the ground, is built with treated lumber.

Post Frame with a Bracket Foundation

Allows you to bolt your post frame columns to the concrete grade beam or to the thickened edge slab.

Wood Stud

This conventional way of building is efficient and has many different ways to finish the 2×6 or 2×8 stick framed walls.

Steel Stud

Steel Studs are used mainly in commercial and office buildings for walls that need to be built with non-combustible materials.

ICF Wall

Insulated Concrete Forms are very energy efficient. They are permanent forms of expanded polystyrene that are reinforced with concrete poured into them.